NOTICE: Legacy has moved to WHOLESALE/SHIPPING ONLY (catering orders also available locally) from the Springfield, MO location!

For online purchasing visit our store!

Β We produce authentic New York-style bagels, traditional bakery items and world famous doughnuts from scratch with locally, organically and non-gmo sourced ingredients.

Enjoy handcrafted pastries, Legacy Fruitcake, bread loaves (like challah)Β and more.

LOCALLY: Contact us for wholesale info or orderΒ ahead for catering needs & Legacy Cakes!


A call to use non-GMO, WILD & REAL
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Nothing artificial or creepy.
No additives. No preservatives.
We prepare and bake all items on the premises.
The way it used to be. The way it should be.
Join the movement: #bringbackthecornerbakery



It all began with an adventurous couple and a tiny food cart named Mighty Bagel. He loved her so he built her the cart and she was glad.

The small business grew and evolved and followed the two around through their various adventures and life events (mountain climbs, marriage, births, etc.). The little cart was always there waiting for its true debut.

Then one day, they opened up the operation in a land where all the people loved and valued “real” bagels. The couple recognized the need and began producing their own quality bagels and other traditional baked items using only the finest, organic, non-GMO, healthful ingredients. The little cart proudly served up the bagels dressed with lovely spreads and toppings.

An hourly-rented kitchen in the heart of the downtown area allowed for expansion. Many coffee houses and grocery stores began to carry these real, authentic bagels. The operation eventually outgrew the rented kitchen.

Now, with their own proper bakery space the couple is working toward creating a legacy.. a legacy of real food and love for those to come.

11 thoughts on “LEGACY BAGELRY & BAKERY

  1. I love everything that comes out of your place! I wish you were closer, but I’ll settle for the treats when I make it town. Thanks for caring so much about what goes into your (our) food!

  2. We had some brought to work. The bagels were great!! Loved the jalepeno/cheese one (?) with the chive spread. Really good! I will be stopping by sometime soon!

  3. Someone brought your bagels to a work function this morning….they are all the rage – you defiantly increased some clientele today! Yummy stuff!

  4. Seriously, the best bagel I’ve ever had! The Eden (veggie) cream cheese is out of this world! An authentic and delicious, can’t believe this exists in Springfield restaurant!

  5. Thank you so much for the fabulous lemon cake you made for our daughter’s recent graduation from MSU…there aren’t words to describe the moistness of the cake and the delectable flavor your hands created. Love is the ingredient we have found in every offering of your bakery. We are truly enjoying eating our way through the menu! Your creations are wholesome and satisfying. May your business continue to grow and your doctrinology spread as it is a true blessing to our community. See you again soon!

    • We thank you for your feedback and encouragement! We are passionate about providing real food to our community and beyond! The biggest thing you can do to help is to continue to spread the word. We rely almost completely on grassroots marketing through social media and word of mouth so feel free to do your thing and join the movement: #bringbackthecornerbakery

  6. I just finished my first breakfast from your bakery and wanted to let you know it was the single best bagel sandwich I’ve ever had. The Jalo/Cheddar bagel was so soft and flavorful, the egg fried perfectly, and the turkey was moist and savory. The coffee was also rich and not over processed like most places in SP. We will definitely be back. Keep up all the good work!

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