Our Doctrinology:

A call to use non-GMO, WILD & REAL
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Nothing artificial or creepy.
No additives. No preservatives.
We prepare and bake all items on the premises.
The way it used to be. The way it should be.
Join the movement: #bringbackthecornerbakery

The Story

It all began with an adventurous couple and a tiny food cart named Mighty Bagel. He loved her so he built her the cart and she was glad.

The small business grew and evolved and followed the two around through their various adventures and life events (mountain climbs, marriage, births, etc.). The little cart was always there waiting for its true debut.

Then one day, they opened up the operation in a land where all the people loved and valued “real” bagels. The couple recognized the need and began producing their own quality bagels and other traditional baked items using only the finest, organic, non-GMO, healthful ingredients. The little cart proudly served up the bagels dressed with lovely spreads and toppings.

An hourly-rented kitchen in the heart of the downtown area allowed for expansion. Many coffee houses and grocery stores began to carry these real, authentic bagels. The operation eventually outgrew the rented kitchen.

Next, the ever-growing family opened their own proper bakery space and ridiculously well-received coffee bar called “Legacy” and operated for three years on South Fremont. Then one day, the higher powers that be, kindly asked that the business be moved in order for something new to be built in it’s place. And so it was, the Springfield-loved bagelry moved to it’s new, current home within the MJ’s Market & Deli located at 900 E. Battlefield #140.